This weblog will cover a broad spectrum of issues relating to knowledge management, communication, media, and sometimes photography.

While the topics are of particular interest to me, and I hope there might be some constructive interaction along the way in some form, I am hopeful that some of the ideas presented here (or ideas that I find from other people) will be of interest to others as well.


5 responses to “About

  1. Hi Brad – great to see you’re blogging! Where have you hidden your email on this site? cheers, sue

  2. Sue,

    I’ll contact you. I have about four e-mail addresses on the move at the moment!


  3. Hi Brad
    I will be posting a part of your “On librarians as knowledge managers” in my blog, in a day or so.
    Stay connected.

  4. Dr Taher,

    Glad to hear it. If you come to actKM perhaps we can catch up on day 2 when I hope to be there.


  5. thanks, brad! definitely hope to see you at Gel in april.

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