Compliance over customer service

I have had an ongoing saga for two months now with UniSuper. UniSuper has a very tiny amount of my superannuation funds under management (sic). In the period I was with UniSuper they have been deducting payments for insurance without my knowledge and without my consent.

I only found out in late March when the statement to December 2011 showed my balance, eaten away by fees and insurance payments. I immediately contacted UniSuper, by phone and in writing, expressly instructing UniSuper to cease all insurance payments.  Three subsequent phone calls revealed that nothing had happened, although “your request will be confirmed within five business days”. Not.

UniSuper failed to act to stop the payments for this unauthorised insurance. They have subsequently failed to act despite additional follow-up my part over the past eight weeks. They have shown no interest in providing any form of positive customer service throughout this period.

But what happens when an official complaint is made under section 101 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993? Well, I get a letter from UniSuper within a week. And guess what the letter says – it says that UniSuper has received my complaint and has 90 days in which to respond (under the Act).

What we have here is an act of compliance, not of customer service. Had UniSuper done the right thing in ceasing these unauthorised payments as I directed in April, they would have provided some level of customer service.  But no. UniSuper has not been in touch me other than to say they have received my complaint.

Well, UniSuper, I have received your letter of compliance but I am still waiting for your customer service.


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