Bordering on the insufferable

The other day I bought a book from Borders bookshop in Canberra. It was bad timing really since a couple of days after that I got a discount voucher in my email. C’est la vie.

When I bought the book at Borders I was enthusiastically offered a VIP card. The VIP card needed to be activated and I could call a 1300 number “to activate your membership and view our terms and conditions and any available rewards or credits”. The number I was told to call was 1300 095 992.

So today I call this number. I am greeted with a list of menu options, none of which mention anything about activation of the VIP card. Nevertheless, I listen to the menu items and choose the VIP Club option. A cheery prerecorded voice is happy that I have a question about the VIP Club, yet I don’t have a question. I just want to be activated!  Another couple of inane menu options are offered, none apparently getting me any closer to activation. I hang up.

Why are Borders telling me to activate a VIP membership card by ringing a phone number that has nothing to say about activation and cannot actually do what I rang through to do?

And this type of waste the consumer time happens frequently. Where is the simple stuff – like actually helping the customer achieve what they came to do?


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