On getting into podcasting

As you may know from my Twitter feed, I am back at work after my trip to the US.  It all feels kinda weird being back in an office after spending almost two weeks out on the plains and Badlands of South Dakota and Minnesota.  Anyway, I am back at work and back to the old reality.

But one interesting development is in play at the moment.  There is a growing interest in doing some podcasting among a few of my client areas.  At the moment, we make do with a very primitive system using a digital voice recorder.  It’s therefore not surprising that this is not well used because the recording and audio quality are so poor.   And, to be fair, this digital recording device is not really sold for podcasting use.

Now I am personally a big fan of podcasting; perhaps some latent interest from my primary school days when I was one of the four “broadcast boys” responsible for broadcasting educational radio programs throughout the school’s classrooms.  Some childhood interests never leave you.

In much more recent times were the discussions last year with Matt Moore in Sydney about his podcasting and podcasting techniques.  Matt has done some really interesting podcasts using relatively low-cost equipment and Audacity freeware.  Check out Matt’s blog and scroll down his label list to find podcasts.  As to regular podcast listening, I am a big fan of the podcasts from IT Conversations.

Since we are in the early stages of looking at podcasting and podcasting equipment at work, I thought I’d share this recent blogpost from Dan Benjamin on podcasting equipment to get the thinking process moving along.


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