On being away from KM…and loving it!

Well, if you have been following me on Twitter or reading the Twitter feed on my blog you will know that I am in South Dakota, USA.  My car was totally encased in snow when I got up this morning.  The weather east of Rapid City gradually improved as the day wore on, albeit a local DJ was pondering if the all-time record for cold weather for this time of year would be broken in the coming nights.  The coldest day on record around Rapid City and environs is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and we are already expecting a minimum of 24F tonight.  I am in Huron (SD) tonight, staying at the Dakota Inn, “home of the world’s largest pheasant” (akin to Australia’s amazing big things like the Big Banana).

I will be heading off to Winona, Minnesota, in the next couple of days to see the mighty Mississippi River.  And then I drive back the 600-odd miles to Rapid City and, hopefully,  get to see Mt Rushmore before I fly out.

Even after only a few days away, I haven’t had the urdge to read or write about knowledge management…and loving it!


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