On social media – the Euan Semple interview on guruonline

Social media is a topic that should be of interest to anyone working in organisations. It still amazes me that social media remains unknown or is treated with suspicion from senior management-types when social media is just an extension of the ways in which people operate in the real world.

People like making connections. People like socialising and sharing experiences. People trust other people they know, and whose opinions they value. And people realise that getting things done or finding out about something can be achieved by relying on their friends, contacts, and networks. Indeed, as choice and decision-making in one’s personal life becomes more complex, so the reliance on personal connections and trusted contacts increases in importance.  Why not amplify these norms for the benefit of getting things done and solving problems more efficiently and effectively within an organisation?

So I was very pleased to receive an email earlier today from a friend about an interview with Euan Semple on social media. Euan Semple is an excellent speaker and authority on the use of social media within organisations. The interview is based on fifteen questions that Euan answers in his usual thoughtful, personable, and considered way. Questions range from why organisations should get involved with social media, how organisations can use social media, what are the tools, and what will be the benefits.

The interview is on guruonline , a web-based service that provides free information on a range of topics from experts in the field. I really like the way the interviews have been presented on the site. Each question is answered as a single slice so that one can choose the questions and responses of interest. I certainly recommend the guruonline interview with Euan to managers in business and government who don’t really understand the benefits and opportunities offered by social media.

I will spend some time in the next few days looking at guruonline and some of the other topics of interest on the web site. But for now, I thoroughly recommend listening to Euan Semple talk about social media and why it is important for business and other organisations to consider for their own workplace situations.


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