On knowledge management and human resources

Some of you may already know that I am a great believer in the interplay between knowledge management (KM) and human resource management (HRM). I consider both KM and HRM as catalysts and facilitators for developing and enhancing an organisation’s intellectual and social capital. I believe KM is more than just managing databases and HRM is more than just payroll.

KM and HRM actually have a number of responsibilities in common: learning and development, enhancing staff performance, staff retention, team building and effectiveness, organisational development, and cultural change. The approaches may differ but I believe that the strategic and practical outcomes are the same – to equip individuals, groups, and the organisation to innovate, solve problems, establish effective workflow, and deliver quality services and outputs (both internally and externally).

I was therefore very pleased when I found out about a post-graduate course being run from Lancaster University Management School in England. The course is a Master (MA) in Human Resource & Knowledge Management. The course looks at “the conditions in which HRM and knowledge management have become the central links between people, work, and technology in contemporary organisations”. Excellent!

I wonder if there are any other examples of KM and HRM being featured within the same training or academic course.


One response to “On knowledge management and human resources

  1. christophkoeppl

    Actually we have such an academic programme here in Austria. Until 2006 there was diploma programme Knowledge Management. The diploma programme offered a HRM specialization starting from the sixth semester. In 2007 this was changed to a bachelor’s degree programme in Human Resources & Knowledge Management. The focus shifted from IT and KM to HRM and KM. You can find more details on their website: http://www.fh-wien.ac.at/degree-programmes/bachelors-programmes/human-resources-knowledge-management/en/

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