On the weekend and the coming week

Tonight I am flying to Adelaide for the weekend. I will be going to a series of talks tomorrow about railways (a personal interest of mine) and then relaxing on Sunday. I am catching up with a friend on Sunday, and possibly a couple of people whom I have met through conferences and courses. My time on Sunday is rather loosely organised at this stage but that’s OK.

I am staying at the Adelaide YHA because of its handy location. Moreover, it gives me that post-adolescent feeling of adventure I had when backpacking through Europe or Africa. Yes, it will take some imagination – Adelaide is not Salzburg or Mombasa! But imagination never ages…

Next week I want to go over some thinking about intranets and content management. It will be a blend of past experience, current experience, conversations, and learnings (from my Masters course that I have almost finished). Essentially, I want to look at intranet foundations (a theme I used in a conference presentation on web 2.0 that I gave a year ago in Sydney) and how a number of other information and knowledge management initiatives can launch from that.

But for now, I am looking forward to the weekend and Adelaide.


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