On ABC’s iview full screen television streaming

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has recently launched full screen internet television via their iview web site.

I tried out iview last night on my computer with the episode of The Gruen Transfer from last week, before watching last night’s final episode on TV. The Gruen Transfer is a great programme about television advertising; informative and funny at the same time.

One of the highlights of The Gruen Factor is the segment, “selling the unsellable”. This segment involves two advertising agencies who are each asked to create a television advertisement to sell what might ordinarily be, “unsellable”. Last week the challenge was why climate change is good for us, and last night the campaign was to tell tourists NOT to visit Australia. Great stuff!

Anyway, my experience with iview on my computer was less than perfect. Australia’s abominably slow internet speeds and bandwidth constraints, when compared to Europe and North America, doesn’t help the iview experience at all! Frequently, the audio and vision stuttered away, usually at critical points in the dialogue. The quality of the show on iview certainly suffered, and I have supposedly good quality broadband!

Until iview can be viewed without interruption on my computer, I will stay with the smaller screen option (Youtube size) on the ABC programme sites to view my selected ABC shows, especially the shows with quick wit and intelligence. The Hollowmen is one such show worth a good look without interruption – a great Australian political comedy.

Iview is certainly where the future of television is heading but our telecommunications infrastructure is not up to the task, and certainly not value for money! The ABC is on the right track with iview but we need better bandwidth and internet line speeds. Yes.


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