On information architecture

I have been doing some studies in my Masters degree covering information architecture. I really love the subject but wish I had more spare time to give it some really solid attention.

I found a couple of items on information architecture that I really enjoyed:

Keith Instone’s IA Summit 2008 notes

Oz Information Architecture 2007 (some great podcasts)

Matt’s Musing’s on user-centred design

Matthew Milan on whether IA is worth saving

T. Scott Stromberg on wireframes and sketching (I really liked this one because I am fond of sketching out web design on butcher’s paper!)

What I really love about IA is that it cuts across a range of really interesting subjects from web design, information and knowledge management,  psychology, interactive design, organisational development, information processing, and integrated visual and text-based communication strategy.

All good stuff!




2 responses to “On information architecture

  1. Hi Brad

    Thanks for the link-love 🙂

    Information Architecture can help to inform knowledge structures and systems interaction to help make them ‘more human’ in their application. The intersections between KM, BA, PM, Comms, Cognitive- Behavioural- and Organisational Psychology, coupled with the potential of Web 2.0, make it a must-have for supporting the modern knowledge worker.

    … I think that’s why I love this discipline so much!

    … maybe there’s a blog post in that somewhere?

    M 🙂

  2. Matt,

    I know these intersections of knowledge are dear to your heart so thanks for commenting! I will look out for a future musing from you on this topic!

    A pity we didn’t catch up when I was working in Canberra but maybe another time…


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