On harvesting text

In most organisations there is a plethora of text that is composed, written and sent out. Sometimes the text circulates and sometimes text comes back. We take text for granted because it is so ubiquitous. But in the digital world we can do more with text.

A recent blog post from Nancy White highlighted some techniques for making use of text in a much more effective way. Nancy’s experience was with KM4Dev. Nancy explains the summarising and harvesting of learnings from key community conversations in the KM4Dev email list and onto a wiki. The same techniques would have worked with my former communities of practices that were also based on e-mail lists.

Sometimes, when changing applications, the existing text-based information is archived or just deleted. The new application starts afresh as if there had been no information and no learnings that preceded it. By taking the existing information from the listserv and reusing that knowledge in the wiki, there is now the opportunity to reframe the information via the wiki format and to maintain the knowledge learnings and knowledge history.

The value of the existing information is retained and rearticulated for re-use. New discussions will emerge and radiate within the new format. The process will be ongoing and regenerating, just like in the natural world with sowing, nurturing, growing, and harvesting.


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