On information research

The latest issue of Information Research is online. A couple of the articles of particular interest to me were on household information practices and Flickr: a first look at user behaviour in the context of photography as serious leisure. The sample sizes used in both research articles were quite small but the articles did prompt my thinking in a number of areas.

The article on household information practices looked at an area of everyday information collection and use that has had little attention given to it in the past. As a microcosm of society, I found the focus on the household for information use and decision-making a very thought-provoking piece.

The Flickr article looked at what impact an online social-based sharing site for digital photos has on amateur photography as a hobby. The relationship between the hobby and the social technology is a field of information research that again focuses on the common experience that has largely been overlooked as a domain for research and study in the past.

Whilst I will get to the other articles later, the two articles featured here demonstrated how information research can be applied to everyday areas of experience that we often take for granted – well worth a read!


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