On tagging and the enterprise (and RSS)

I want to conclude my blog summary from the presentation I gave last week on tagging and the enterprise. The previous three entries should be read in conjunction with this instalment, if you haven’t followed the story so far…

I used IBM’s dogear as an example of an enterprise using tagging within the firm. However, instead of me explaining all about it, I have listed here three sources that explain the way in which social bookmarking and tagging may be used within the enterprise, including dogear at IBM:

Am I being lazy? Well, the web is all about links so I may as well use them!

Finally, as an aside, I discovered today a way of using RSS feeds to populate a newsletter. Yes, it is an interesting combination of web 2.0 (RSS) and the old way of communication (newsletters) but it may well work as a valuable bridge for people still not accustomed to the full array of web 2.0 communication channels. The product is Nouri.sh and it’s relatively new. It is definitiely worth a look if you want to mesh RSS content within a newsletter format.

And if anyone knows about other services like this, please advise with a comment!


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