On a new year

Today is the first day of January – the beginning of the new year (well, in most countries). I am beginning the new year with a new WordPress theme to give “Plain Speaking” a bit of a change of look. I have switched to a three column format. I quite like the new look and hope that it makes reading easier. 

In keeping with the new look and the new year, I have decided to record my five new year’s resolutions so that I have no excuse for not remembering them.

1) More exercise (this is a perennial resolution of mine that never meets expectations but this year it will be different!)

2) More reading – this is in addition to my normal news, professional and blog reading (I have decided to ignore my previous failed attempts trying to read one, two or three books a week. It’s quality reading not quantity that counts. Instead, my intention is to read at least five days a week – absolute minimum one chapter per reading session).

3) More time with family and friends.

4) Become more proficient at using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.

5) Less procrastination – time is more and more precious, use it wisely!


3 responses to “On a new year

  1. Happy 2008, brad! I like the plain lay-out of your blog. I’ll soon choose a wordpress template myself for a new blog, so I’ll use this for inspiration..

  2. Thanks for that. WordPress have added new themes since I first started blogging early last year so it’s a good opportunity to update!


  3. Here’s to 2008 Brad and more blogging 🙂 like the new theme BTW.

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