On the wisdom of crowds and volunteering

My latest Knowledge@Wharton newsletter has this article about a new book called: We Are Smarter Than Me: How the Wisdom of Crowds Can Help Businesses Succeed by Barry Libert and Jon Spector. It’s a timely reminder that networked knowledge has a significant place in the competitive world of business. I recommend the article and the book to you.

The article is also very timely for me. Yesterday I sat in on a debrief given by Dave Snowden about narrative and the wisdom of crowds in relation to a major project on volunteering that is currently under way. The project is being funded by the NSW Department of Disability Ageing and Home Care. My colleague, Chris Fletcher, has been involved with the project and blogged with some detail about it in August. It is still possible to contribute to the project via the survey.

My next blog post will look at yesterday’s debrief and how the project is developing.


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