Blog inside the enterprise

I have come across reluctance by senior management in the past to consider blogs as a suitable communication medium for engaging readers and encouraging dialogue. I have also heard that “it’s all too hard”.

Check out Naomi Wolf’s blog. This is as simple as it gets and all focused around a single theme. And that theme supports Wolf’s recently published book, The end of America: letter of warning to a young patriot. The blog could be improved, of course, with better content and more linkages. However, the gist of it demonstrates simplicity itself.

Could this be done in a similar fashion in the enterprise? You bet – with the right attitude and some well founded enthusiasm.

Imagine a company that publishes research reports on different industry topics for staff, and external clients and prospects. Imagine putting up a very simple blog to support the research report and any discussions around it. Imagine starting a conversation, creating a dialogue with clients, and working through further discussion and analysis from the original report. Imagine that both the author and readers are better informed and more engaged with each other. Imagine how much more impact that research report would have with readers – the clients and prospects you want to impress.



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