On what’s all this fuss about?

Some friends of mine have been encouraging me to open up a Facebook account. I understand the mechanics of Facebook, especially it’s college mentality origins. Intellectually I can see why Facebook has become popular, but personally I am not so enamoured. But then again, I don’t watch much televison (especially useful at this time in order to avoid the political commercials – propaganda – for our upcoming federal election) and I don’t play computer games so maybe I’m a little too bookish for Facebook. Mind you, I don’t feel disconnected by not being connected on Facebook either.

However, it’s nice to know that there are other people who are trying to work out what all the fuss is about with social networking sites, like this post about Flickr (thanks Mark for the heads up on this one).

I checked my own contributions to Flickr and see that I have less than a handful. And having promised Matt Moore to load up a plethora of images from my own photographic collection, I am yet to do so. Mind you, I am still to digitise the thousands of slides sitting in their dark, archival quality storage boxes. I need a home-based digitisation project first.

As a photographer though, I do like to look at other people’s photos and I do scan a range of tags of interest on Flickr. Perhaps it’s voyeuristic entertainment much the same way viewers watch other people’s marginally more exciting lives on television, or roast the duds so they don’t feel so completlely hopeless, helpless, and ordinary.

Yet I do use Flickr as a sort of image gallery but only in my spare time (of which I don’t have too much left to spare these days). I have actually been inspired by some of the photos on Flickr so this is a good thing. If only I could feel inspired to get those thousands of slides out of the cupboard and onto the hard drive….or Flickr.


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