On Momento

I was at a friend’s place recently for dinner. We had a really wonderful dinner (thanks Joanna) and then out came the photos of their trip to Poland. Now I do like photography, but often the digital slide night can become a tad tedious.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a very nicely presented book with some very good photos inside. The book presented in the same way as one of those coffee table travel books. My friend had selected a great range of his photos for inclusion, had made an excellent job of organising and presenting the photos in the book, and had really given a lovely photographic story of their trip to Poland. I was very impressed with the quality.

For me, looking at well presented photos in a book is something that I would turn to time and time again. While digital slide viewing is OK, I find that the book is still more convenient, more leisurely, and less a strain on my eyes!

The service my friend used to put his photo book together is called Momento and I will certainly be looking at my options for my own photographic work.


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