On marketing and advertising

From time to time I like to look at what is happening in the marketing and advertising space with respect to the web and traditional advertising mediums.  Advertising and marketing are important communication channels. I have made some comments previously (you can use my Marketing category to find them if you’re interested). The key point has been that online marketing channels are becoming more and more important.

An Australian newspaper article today says, quoting from a consultancy report, that thought leaders in advertising and marketing would lead a growing band of advertisers into the digital space as a way of “championing growth”. In addition, “along with embracing new media, a key factor was driving advertising agency partners to become more integrated, go digital and collaborate better with their clients”. So getting closer with the client, and presumably the client-customer relationship, by using the digital space is finally gaining mainstream acceptance within the advertising world at last.

The other factor, of course, is that advertising agencies are realising that there is a trend for eyeballs to look less at traditional media like television and newspapers, and more eyeball time spent online with digital media. A report on broadcasting and pay TV earlier this year from Paul Budde Communications had this to say: “TV stations must market themselves more aggressively due to threats from the new media sector. Broadcasting ad revenues are already gradually being squeezed due to falling audiences and rising costs”.

The attention now being given to digital platforms has become more acute given it has been ignored for some time by advertisers still ploughing traditional advertising fields. How much of an audience shift away from television remains to be seen, but there is now a recognition that digital platforms are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generations where advertisers traditionally like to make headway.

And if advertisers are walking the walk with digital, then you can bet your bottom dollar that businesses will need to reorient their focus towards digital platforms too.


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