On blog action day

The 15th October was designated blog action day (yes, I know I’m a day late but, as I write, it’s still the 15th in the Galapogas Islands). Andy Roberts writes that the theme this year for blog action day is the environment and distributed collaborative action – “The important thing is that the mass action can become self-conscious”.

In Australia, we have an upcoming federal election (24th November) in which individuals can have an impact in collaborative mass action for the environment. The election is the opportunity to put self-awareness about the environment onto the national agenda. 

Individuals can exercise real power by voting for the candidates (in the House of Representatives and the Senate) that will actually take up the environmental challenge and actively work towards lowering our national carbon emissions. Globally, Australia could also join the Kyoto Protocol (Australia and the US are the two recalcitrant nations) and engage with the world on active climate change policies.

Australian voters should check out this recent CSIRO report on climate change to gauge the impact of climate change at home – nothing here to be complacent about!


2 responses to “On blog action day

  1. Hi Brad,

    It’s really amazing Australia has not yet ratified the Kyoto protocol…
    From France, Australia is seen as a very ecological country.


  2. Bluebeetle,

    Yes, it is amazing. However, Australia is one of the world’s biggest exporters of coal that is used in power generation. Also, the current government likes to keep the US President happy!
    By the way, I can practice my (not very good) French by reading your blog!

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