On knowledge management – Dave Pollard

Every now and then I want to highlight a blog post that I have read that has really made me think. First up is Dave Pollard.

I first met Dave Pollard after a presentation he gave last year at the Online Information conference in London (Online Information is on again later this year). The presentation was a keynote, entitled “A whirlwind tour of social networking”. I see from my notes that his presentation title was very apt! I was pretty impressed with what he had to say then and still impressed with what he has to say now. He is a passionate writer and engenders that feeling in his work and his blog posts.

I am not going to give a summary because I couldn’t do it justice. However, I will include this quote: “The only sustainable value you bring to an organization is what you show and teach and inspire in other people you work with”.

See what Dave Pollard has to say about knowledge management, blogging, and what it means for people and organisations.


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