On sins and other things

It’s been quite a week since I lasted posted. I have been confronted with some technical issues regarding web access and have been limited in the online time available to me. A wireless 3G account might have to be arranged…

Anyway, I can give some follow-up to a couple of activities from last week. Firstly, Patrick Lambe gave a presentation at actKM in which he identified a diverse range of knowledge worker archetypes. The presentation is now available via this posting on Patrick’s blog.

At the IIM Conference, Patrick gave a great presentation on the current state of the information management profession and it’s possible future. Naturally, there was plenty of discussion between sessions as to whether information management would become extinct or not. There is still plenty of debate around definitions of KM and IM in the actKM discussion group and what the implications are for information management moving forward.

I hope to have a review of the IIM Conference later (apologies, I realise it’s a week since the conference took place) but I want to make a couple of comments about the IIM event.

I thought the conference was well organised and extremely useful, especially the inclusion of a people stream to work beside the other streams of process and technology. My other observation was the digital videotaping of the speaking sessions is to be commended for making available the content to a wider audience. The other benefit is in showcasing presenters and their presentation styles. The DVD is available for sale from the IIM and I already have my order in.


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