On the seven deadly sins of KM

The Canberra-based actKM forum is having their regular meeting tomorrow night at the National Library of Australia, featuring the indubitable Patrick Lambe. Patrick will also be at the IIM conference in Canberra later in the week (has Patrick migrated here or what?).

Patrick will be speaking about the “seven deadly sins of KM”. Patrick will also be discretely flogging his book tomorrow night, at discount, so bring your money with you. The book, Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisational Effectiveness, will be available for $68.00.

Since I will be in Canberra, I’ll be popping along to see Patrick (and buy a copy of his book) and meet up with fellow sinners from the actKM Forum.


2 responses to “On the seven deadly sins of KM

  1. Thanks for this Brad – by flogging do you mean selling from a wheelbarrow, or deploying the forced blogging technique developed by Dr David Vaine? 😉

  2. Patrick,

    Good question! What I DON’T mean is “flogging a dead horse”! Good to hear you again last night. I’ll have a post up about it…..soonish! See you at IIM.


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