On books (31/07/07)

I have a “to read” pile of books that I try and work my way through every month. I always have more books in my reading pile than I can actually find the time to read, including any new books purchased that month as well.

At the end of each month I rotate the books from the “to read” pile that I haven’t read to a “pending” spot on a bookshelf from where I will get back to them in a couple of months. I always have new books and pending books in my reading pile at any one time. It certainly sounds very structured but I can safely say that the structure is very fluid and very messy!

It’s the end of the month so I have grabbed some books from my pending pile for the “to read” pile for the month of August.  The five books are:

1) Free culture: the nature and future of creativity by Lawrence Lessig
2) Conversations on consciousness by Susan Blackmore
3) Made to stick by Chip and Dan Heath
4) The corporation: the pathological pursuit of profit and power by Joel Bakan,
5) The assault on reason by Al Gore

Hmm, writing this short list reminds me that I haven’t updated my books in LibraryThing yet. So much to do, so little time…….


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