On KM Australia 2007 (Part 1)

Wow. Today was the first day of the KM Australia 2007 conference in Sydney. I was very impressed with some of today’s presentations, although I must say it was sometimes difficult to hear the speakers due to the noise coming from the vendor and catering area next to the stage.

Not surprisingly, Dave Snowden was in fine form with his presentation on naturalising sense-making. Dave told me he hopes to have a podcast of the presentation up on his blog when he gets the opportunity to do so. Although I had heard much of what Dave spoke about today at another conference (including seeing the delightful basketball video), it is always refreshing to hear him challenge management orthodoxy in his initimable style.

The highlight of the day, however, was the presentation by Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation. Michel is quite the optimistic evangelist for peer to peer innovation creating a new mode of production for post-capitalist society.

I also enjoyed the presentation from James Price and Brian Nielsen from Adelaide-based “Experience Matters” highlighting some of the learning points from a couple of client work examples.

I am still going through my notes and thinking about many of the key issues raised at the conference today. A full report will appear later in the week – stay tuned.

Also, tomorrow evening is the next meeting of the NSW KM Forum. Our speaker will be Patrick Lambe of Green Chameleon fame. Hopefully, I will have a synopsis of Patrick’s talk when I return home later tomorrow evening.


4 responses to “On KM Australia 2007 (Part 1)

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  2. Brad – looks like you have picked up on similar issues to me… I take it you are around the venue here somewhere – I’ll try to catch up with you over lunch!

    – Keith.

  3. Keith,

    Good to see you today at the conference and the NSW KM Forum. My post-conference posts will start tomorrow and you can see how similar (or not) our observations and learning points have been.

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