On learning and KM

The education and the knowledge management disciplines have much in common that can be explored within a broad learning context, as I have referred before. Knowledge management practices seek to improve personal and organisational performance, as does organisational learning. Andreas Schmidt proposes using context awareness to bridge the gap between education and knowledge management with respect to learning within organisations.

In the same light, Stephen Downes says: “if you take knowledge management and apply it to learning, you get learning on demand. Learning on demand is best understood in contrast to the most familiar sort of learning, scheduled or classroom based learning. While the latter leads learners through a curriculum designed to prepare them for a wide variety of possible needs, learning on demand is “the application and deployment of just the right amount of training at just the right time to those who need to possess the knowledge or learn the skill.”

It is clear to me that knowledge management is definitely in the “knowledge and learning space”, so following the education discipline is well worth the effort.

That being the case, I have another conference alert. The 10th Learning Technologies Conference is on in Mooloolaba, Queensland, on the 14-16 November. The conference theme is teleprescence (a set of technologies “that allow a person to feel as if they were present at a location other than their true location”). Details on presentation submissions are available and submissions are open until 15 June.


3 responses to “On learning and KM

  1. Hi Brad,

    i´ve also been trying to find commonalities between learning and KM. See it here (http://mohamedaminechatti.blogspot.com/2007/04/learning-and-knowledge-management-are-2.html).
    Your comments are welcome!

  2. Mohamed,

    The commonalities are greater than the differences, I think. Part of the problem is the disciplinary nature of knowledge and the specialisations within them. As I have said before, part of the attraction of KM for me is the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge management.


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