On domestic violence

Huh? Domestic violence? What’s going on here – aren’t we supposed to be talking about communication?

Well, yes actually. Domestic violence is a pretty brutal and horrendous communication method. But that wasn’t what I was actually looking for. I was flicking through the Slideshare site looking to get some good ideas for presentations. I found this brilliant presentation with a very important message about domestic violence.

I remember reading ages ago the Erin Pizzey book, Scream quietly or the neighbours will hear you (first published in 1974). The book is about women trying to get away from domestic violence in the UK in the late sixties. I remember the sense of helplessness the women expressed when they were asked why they stayed in violent relationships. There was nowhere to go, the women said. The book highlighted the important role of women refuge centres to provide a safe “place to go”. 

Sometimes serendipity unearths some powerful messages and this was certainly the case for me on Slideshare (which is a really great site, by the way). Just goes to show how different communication channels enhance information discovery.

And finally, domestic violence is never acceptable, OK!


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