On trust

Catherine Sanderson has just won a court case in Paris against her employer, accountants Dixon Wilson, for sacking her over a blog she had been writing. The blog did not reveal Ms Sanderson’s name, her workplace, or indeed the type of work her firm was invlolved in. Naturally enough, the victory was well received by Ms Sanderson. She also has a book deal in the offing based on her travails as a British expatriate living and working in Paris as detailed in her blog.

This little episode highlights the sensitivity that some employers have about employees writing in the blogosphere. More importantly, it demonstrates how the issue of trust remains a fundamental fear between employer and employee, despite what a plethora of management and leadership books have to say these days about modern organisations and the collaborative work space.

Trust is a very valuable commodity. It needs to be handled with care and responsibility. Trust in the workplace is very important for positive and productive outcomes. Once broken, trust is a very difficult commodity to repair. It is therefore not surprising that Ms Sanderson is not returning to Dixon Wilson, to work there as if nothing ever happened!


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