On meme

I was fascinated by the meme on Dave Snowden’s blog when he listed his favourite sources of media consumption. I was surprised that one of his favourites was the television series Charmed. Now I haven’t personally met Dave Snowden, but I have seen and heard him at conferences and I have read many of his articles and posts.  I must say he doesn’t strike me as a chap who would watch such a show. Perhaps this says more about me than Dave Snowden!

Bloggers use blogs for many different reasons. Blogs can be used to record academic or employment-based work, to jot down personal thoughts and experiences and/or to actively encourage conversations with a range of people we might not necessarily know in person. Blogs can be useful as a form of personal profile, both in the blogosphere and also within organisations (company CEOs take note). Blogging offers a personality dimension because blogs are a platform to initiate and sustain relationships.

My blog has revealed some things about me, hopefully my curiousity, my interests and other activities. I’m sure more will come out in later posts. So, while not wanting to portray myself in the same dizzy heights of Snowden and corporate CEOs, I can reveal to you today that in my list of my favourite movies are Cheaper by the Dozen and the sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (playing in the background as I write).

 It’s true, despite today being April Fools’ Day.


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